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Hi, I'm Dougi. I'm a wedding Photographer based in Fife, Scotland. I truly appreciate you taking the time to get look at my work. I'm glad you found me and so pleased that you are drawn to my style of wedding photography. I absolutely love shooting weddings and feel very fortunate that I have job that I’m so passionate about.


I can honestly say that I absolutely love photographing weddings, every couple that I have ever been lucky enough to photograph, is just an honour. To capture the atmosphere of a wedding day and a couple’s love and happiness is an incredible experience and I get a real buzz creating memories that can be treasured for years to come.​ I get to meet amazing people and be a part of an incredibly special day. 

I’m an award winning, Scottish wedding photographer, specialising in creative documentary wedding photography, which means I tell your story through capturing candid moments. Basically speaking, I get creative from the side-lines, leaving you to enjoy each other and have fun with your guests on the day! Your photos will be a true representation of who you are and will be filled with real moments that are so special to you.

I would love to hear from you! Drop me an email so I can hear everything about you and your wedding plans!

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