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Sam & Graeme's Fabulous Wedding at St Salvator's Chapel in St Andrews.

Samantha & Graeme's April wedding was a fabulous event full of joy & splendour at St Salvator's Chapel in St. Andrews, the hub of life in Scotland's oldest University. The chapel is a rare and beautiful example of Late Gothic architecture. Founded in 1450 as a part of Bishop James Kennedy's College of the Holy Saviour, the Chapel of St Salvator has had a long and varied history. The chapel of today is a mixture of old and new. It bears the scars of religious strife and mistreatment but is nevertheless a beautiful, living building much used by the students and staff of the University. It is today very much as it was intended to be by Bishop Kennedy: the heart of the University.

Inside of the chapel with its beautiful stain glass windows provided a fairytale feel feel to the wedding service, Samantha & Graeme looked fabulous for their marriage vows surrounded by their friends and family. Such a lovely couple & venue, the day was full of happiness, joy, food & dancing in the grounds of the University, fabulous wedding and such a lovely couple.


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